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Contents, Issue №1, 2014

 From the editorial board
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Analytical review

Meigal A. Y., Rissanen S. M., Tarvainen M. P., Ruonala V., Airaksinen O., Kankaanpää M., Miroshnichenko G. G., Kuzmina A. P., Karjalainen P. A.Novel sEMG parameters for early diagnostics of neurological diseases and aging
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2 - 9

Original research

Dudanova O. P., Larina N. A., Prokapovich L. V., Larina A. A.Steatohepatitis in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases in Karelia
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10 - 17
Dudanova O. P., Marina M. E., Pisareva M. M., Grudinin M. P.Extrahepatic manifestations in patients with chronic hepatitis C
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18 - 24
Vinogradova I. A., Yunash V. D., Bukalev A. V., Zabezhinsky M. A., Anisimov V. N.Synthetic peptide of the pineal gland can decrease morbidity and age-related pathology in male-rats kept in conditions of accelerated aging caused by disruption of photoperiodism
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25 - 36
Marusenko I. M., Vezikova N. N., Barysheva O. Y.The potentialities of biological trerapy of rheumatoid arthritis in Karelia
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37 - 44

Brief Communications

Volkova T. O., Kurmyshkina O. V., Kovchur P. I., Bakhidze E. V.Biomarkers for theranostics of cervical cancer
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45 - 51
Poltorak A.Toll-like receptor as a paradigm of the cell
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52 - 57