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10 steps to publish a manuscript

1. Compliance with the Journal’s profile. Please read the section «Journal Policy» on the «Journal of Biomedical Technologies» homepage and assess if your manuscript is suitable for this Journal.

2. Manuscript preparation.  The article must meet the requirements of the Journal concerning its subject, content and form. When preparing a manuscript, please follow the instructions for Authors.

3. Manuscript submission. Manuscript should be submitted on-line through the Journal’s website (, where the Author should select the type of an article (Analytical Review, Original Research, Methodical guidelines, Brief Communications, Review, and Letter to the Editor). The parts of a manuscript should be assembled into a single file and saved in MS Word 97-2003 format before submission.

4. Cover letter. Simultaneously with preparation of an article the Authors should draw up and sign a Cover letter, and then send its colored scan (300 dpi, jpg format) by e-mail to the site of the Journal (

5. Primary reviewing.  The article together with the Cover letter arrives to the Editor-in-Chief (Deputy Editor) to be evaluated for the correspondence to the Journal profile, and then to one of the members of Editorial board (scientific editor and specialist in a given field of science) for primary reviewing.  It must take no more than a week from the article submission to the beginning of reviewing.

6. External reviewing. In the Cover letter the Authors should suggest at least two potential referees with the appropriate expertise for the manuscript evaluation. The proposed reviewers, who are experts in the field, should not have common publications with any of the Authors and should be from different institutions than the authors. The Editor has the right to appoint referees at his discretion. Reviewer's anonymity is guaranteed. External reviewing process should take no more than three weeks.

7. Manuscript revision and optimization. The reviews from the external reviewers along with the review from the Scientific Editor are provided to the Author(s) no later than four weeks after manuscript submission. The corrections in the article should be made by the Author(s) within the next five weeks. In case of disagreement with the opinion of the reviewer(s), the Author can discuss these remarks with the Editor-in-Chief or Deputy editor (by e-mail).

8. Acceptance of manuscripts. After all the necessary corrections are made and proofed by the reviewers the manuscript is accepted by the  Editor-in-Chief (Deputy Editor) for publication.

9. Manuscript proofreading. The revised manuscript comes to the Proofreader, who corrects the errors in punctuation, spelling and formatting being in active communication with both the Author(s) and the Editor-in-Chief (Deputy Editor). Proofreading process should take two weeks.

10. Manuscript publishing. The revised text of the article is signed by the Editor-in-Chief (Deputy editor), included into the next issue and published on the website of the Journal.

The Author(s) may feel free to discuss all the problems with the Editor-in-Chief or Deputy editor by e-mail (

Plagiarism checker is applied to all submitted manuscripts.