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Contents, Issue №1, 2015

Original research

Kurmyshkina O. V., Belova L. L., Kovchur P. I., Volkova T. O.VEGF-associated factors and regulatory T-cells in the context of neoangiogenesis in cervical cancer of 0-IA stages
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1 - 8
Shipovskaya A. A., Dudanova O. P., Lutokhina A. A., Larina N. A.The role of new reference values of alanine aminotransferase in diagnosis of various forms of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in patients with metabolic syndrome
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9 - 15
Korneva V. A., Kuznetsova T. Y.Epicardial fat thickness in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia
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16 - 22

Methodical guidelines

Savushkin A. I., Sidorova N. A., Prokopuk S. M.Aspects of biotechnology of plant tissues, organs and cells in vitro for producing farmacologically valuable metabolites
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23 - 28

Brief Communications

Andreev V. P., Zachinyaeva A. V., Sobolev P. S., Mukhina N. I.Acetylenic quaternary ammonium salts having bactericidal and fungicidal properties
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29 - 33
Adamovič E. D., Gradov O. V.Joint fourier and non-fourier spectral / pseudo-spectral approach to the lung bioacoustics and biomedical signal fingerprinting as a way to increase the quality of the lung diagnostics using supercomplex hybridization of different dsp methods
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34 - 37

Letter to the Editor

Trofimova Petrozavodsk State University S. A.Methodological approaches to assessment of biological effects of nanomaterials
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38 - 44