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Contents, Issue №2, 2014

Analytical review

Marasaev V. V., Barysheva O. Y., Melentyeva A. A., Malysheva I. E.Causes of the increased cardiovascular risk in chronic kidney disease
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1 - 9

Original research

Kolomeychuk S. N., Korneva V. A., Ilukha V. V., Kuznetsova A. S., Kuznetsova T. Y.The study of polymorphic variants of matrix metalloproteinase (mmp-3) gene as a risk marker of arterial hypertension and ischemic heart disease development among the population of the Republic of Karelia
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10 - 16
Shtan’ko S. A., Meigal A. Y., Markelov V. E.Electromyographic criteria of efficiency of electromyostimulation using markelov’s trainer
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17 - 24
Shubina M. E., Dudanova O. P., Cehanovich K. B.Portal blood flow disturbance in chronic viral hepatitis b and its possible impact on affection of pancreas
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25 - 33

Letter to the Editor

Volkova T. O.Institute of high-tech biomedicine of PetrSU: stages of development and prospects
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34 - 36
Volkova T. O., Balashov A. T.International forum EURO NORTH 2014. The development of high technology and training in biomedical research
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37 - 39